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Michel Odent in Slovenia

March 11 - 13, 2016
Faculty of Health Sciences
»Simplified strategies in the age of simplified techniques of cesareans«

»Childbirth in the scientific context of 2016«
Michel Odent in Slovenia, Odent, midwifery

Michel Odent MD has been in charge of the surgical unit and the maternity unit at the Pithiviers (France) state hospital (1962-1985) and is the founder of the Primal Health Research Centre (London). He is the author of the first article in the medical literature about the initiation of lactation during the hour following birth (1977), of the first article about use of birthing pools (Lancet 1983), and of the first article applying the ‘Gate Control Theory of Pain’ to obstetrics (1975). He created the Primal Health Research database ( which include research data on the interdependence of early-childhood and health and personality traits later in life. He is the author of ‘Childbirth and the Evolution of Homo sapiens’ and 12 other books published in 23 languages.


Coorganizers of the event are: Association Mamice za mamice, Midwifery Department of Faculty of Health Sciences and Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia - Section of nurses and midwives.


The programme for health professionals is designed exclusively for healthcare professionals (midwives, nurses, obstetrician, gynecologist, pediatrician, neonatologists), students of health profession and members of Association Mamice za mamice and will take place on Friday, March 11, 2016 at the Faculty of Health Sciences Ljubljana. It holds title: »Simplified strategies in the age of simplified techniques of cesareans«.


For the lay and professional public lectures will be organized on 12 and 13 March, 2016 . The theme of the lecture is »Childbirth in the scientific context of 2016«.


Registration fees
The fee for the professional part of the event, which will be held on March 11, 2016 is 70 EUR (VAT included). For students of health professions and members of association Mamice za mamice the fee is 35 EUR (VAT included).

The fee for the lay lectures, which will be held on March 12 and 13, 2016, is 85 EUR (VAT included) in total for both days. Registration is possible only for two days. For participants who are already present in the professional part (on Friday, March 11, 2016), the discount will be included. This also applies for members of Association Mamice za mamice.


Applications are possible until March 6, 2016 or until occupying vacancies. Cancellations are accepted in writing until (including) Tuesday, March 6, 2016. Latest cancelations will not be accepted. In the case of non-participation without cancelation, the full fee will be charged.


Legal persons receive a proforma invoice based on the received order form. It is obligated for them to put the names of participants in the ''purpose'' space of payment order.Natural persons (participants) wire the amount to a bank account of University of Ljubljana, Health Sciences Faculty SI56 0110 0603 0706 246, until the beginning of education. Reference: 00 760-106-873 Purpose: Michel Odent.


The scientific part of the lectures is in the process of obtaining the license points. Upon completion, each participant receives a certificate of attendance.
The conference fee includes an opened entry to the event for the participants who also get coffee and snacks between breaks. Lunch is not included in the proce of the fees.



University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Health Sciences
Zdravstvena pot 5
SI-1000 Ljubljana








For additional questions, please contact us at:

mamice za mamice
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