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Revija Mama o našem društvu (Mama magazine about our association)

V septembrski številki revije Mama je bil objavljen še en članek z opisom našega društva. Preberete si ga lahko spodaj.

(English version below)


Association of moms MAMICE ZA MAMICE is non-profitable association, based on providing information about all aspects of maternity - about pregnancy, giving birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, loss and other related topics.

The idea about founding the association came from Loreto, Spaniard, the current President of the Association. The desire has grown and evolved until she came to live in Slovenia, where she realized that this kind of association doesn’t exist here, but they are very successful in her country. She met Nina and soon the idea began to materialize. Thinking that they need to construct a net of women who often feel lonely regarding the maternity, they decided to establish an association that was formed on 8th March 2014.

Loreto Fernández Rodríguez is a mother of two children, to whom she gave birth at home because of really traumatic experience with her gynecologist in her country. She needed some place where she is heard and where her children are respected. In the Association she works as breastfeeding consultant and is reviewing current research abroad.

Nina Grašič, current vice-president, adopted the idea of the Association mainly after difficult delivery, which took place in a hospital. She didn’t want for other women to experience something like that and she wanted to take action about it. She is the mother of one child. In the Association she mainly takes care of administration, translations and review of the topic and laws in Slovenia.

The main purpose of the association is to give support and understanding to pregnant women, mothers and women in general. Maternity can be a lonely place, that is why we wish to give women a place where they can freely express their feeling, without being judged. At the same time we want that the experience of pregnancy and maternity is pleasant for all women; in hospitals, with gynecologists and within society in general. From this aspect we give care and support to foreign women who live in Slovenia and are maybe in more need of getting information and a place, where they feel safe and accepted.

That’s why we carry out monthly meetings that take place every first and third Friday of the week at 5pm in the Hall of Lesce community centre. First term is reserved for topics about pregnancy and delivery, the second one for postpartum and breastfeeding. Even though we sometimes invite experts, the purpose of these meetings is exchanging opinions, experiences and giving information, without telling women what they should do. They have to have a right to choose what is best for themselves and their children.

We also organize workshops, photoshoots and other forms of activities. Next year we are planning to host world renowned experts, who will share their knowledge also to health care professionals, to the ones, who are most responsible for nice deliveries for women. We also participate in different events and fairs – in September, we will present ourselves in NGO’s fair in Ljubljana. We also do charity work.

We want to cooperate with other organizations, safe houses, maternity hospitals and gynecologists, but mostly with mothers, who need our help. Anyone who wants to cooperate, needs help, wants to join us, can get all information in our website or contacts us at

We are aware that information is power and that women can, especially with their responsible acting, do most to better their place in the society.

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