January 15, 2016

Year 2015 was very important for our association. We met quite a few good people who made our path through the year easier. Let us at this point first thank all members of the association and partners, without whom the operation of the association would not have been possible. We also thank all of you who came to our regular monthly meetings, who shared your views, wishes and concerns. With your help, we learn, develop and progress.


Before we take a closer look at what Mamice za mamice underwent in 2015, I ask that you take a few minutes and save the survey on the link below. So we can be even better in the future.






Let's look at a few events that marked the year 2015:




In order to be as accessible as possible to share common experiences, suggestions, information and knowledge, we have launched the website in April 2015.



Thanks to everyone who voluntarily wrote news, articles, contributions, corrections and translated articles from English and Spanish: Anja Gradič, Bernadette Šmon, Katarina Gašperšič, Loreto Fernández, Nina Grašič, Tanja Menegalija, Zala Novak. To all of you who shared their birth stories and photos: Andreja H., Andreja Z., Arancha, Edina, Eva, Jana, Loreto, Maja, Nina, Sabina, Špela, Tina. And to Nataša Slapar to establishing and to Nataša and Nina for website editing.




In order to closer association to women in the community and to provide them with a safe place where they can laugh, cry, ask for advice, discuss, we implemented 2 regular monthly meetings where we discussed various topics: pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding, the baby's sleep and sudden infant death syndrome, sexuality before and after childbirth, attachment theory, natural or medicalized birth, the use of medications during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.


Thanks to Lesce Community hall for the free use of space for meetings and especially to Boštjan Brelih; Ana Anderle for making invitations for the meeting, Boris Sodja s.p. for their printing. For beverages at the meetings we thank Sadjarstvo Pr 'Jernejc. Loreto Fernandez, Eleonor Duran, Nina Grašič for the preparation and execution of meetings; members of the association: Alenka, Bernadette, Eleonor, Erika, Lore, Nina, Nina G. for diligently attending meetings and express wishes with regard to the issue at meetings. And to all the users who are not members but have nevertheless taken part in meetings and collected voluntary contributions.






In order to make association more visible and that women are given information about where they can find us, various media published papers, articles and interviews about Mamice za mamice in 2015.


Thanks to Jana magazine and the journalist Biba Jamnik Vidic, Mama magazine, Kranj Radio and journalist Ana Jagodic and web portals with Darja Ovsenik, with Nikolina Koljanin and with Metka Troha. Working with you has been pleasant and inspiring.





We also present Mamice za mamice at various events: Greeting to the Sun: fair for non-governmental organizations in Kranj (June), the event LUPA: fair for non-governmental organizations in Ljubljana (September) and the Festival of families Magical Day in the Arboretum – Volčji potok (August).

Thanks to Eleonor, Loreto and Nina for the preparation and participation in events and Tiskarna Fara for rapid print of promotional material.





We collected hygiene accessories, medicines, clothes and other necessary things for the refugees, especially women and children in September and October.


Thanks to all good people who donated and Človekoljubno dobrodelno društvo UP to help deliver things to the right place.


For advice and accounting services thanks to Ožbeju Bagiju sp. For advice and assistance in business matters of the associationwe thank intersection of regional NGOs GROZD and info center CNVOS.

In addition, representatives of the associations have attended various conferences and trainings at home and abroad and got to know interesting people we will not forget. Some projects that will see the light of life in the year 2016 also begun.


We look forward to the future. Join us and help us create it!



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